Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS/Food)

In 2012 the cluster diets* are based on a newly available methodology for clustering which was applied to the Supply Utilization Account data (SUA) corresponding to the estimated level of per capita consumption collected and analysed by FAO. SUA data for the period ranging between 2002 and 2007were processed without adjustment, such as under- or over-reporting corrections, only missing data or not reported values were taken as zero for computational reasons.

All data were represented as a matrix (with real non-negative entries) corresponding to the consumption of 415 primary or semi-processed food products, and 179 country for which a SUA data was available. Finally data were grouped into 62 food groups.

*New approach for the assessment of cluster diets. Sy M. M., Feinberg M., Verger P., Barré T., Clémençon S. and Crépet A. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 52 (2013) 180–187


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