Country Assessments Methodology

Landscape Analysis

The Landscape Analysis in-depth country assessment involves review of nutrition-related policies, programmes and interventions, of resources and commitments, of stakeholders and coordination mechanisms working on nutrition, and of the M&E and management systems. The assessment is driven by a country team formed by the lead national nutrition agency or the national coordination group for food and nutrition. The members of the country team include concerned national agencies and departments, international and bilateral agencies as well as NGOs working in nutrition.

A Landscape Analysis County Assessment has five phases:

  • Preparations by the country team
  • Field-based, qualitative rapid assessment and interviews at national level
  • Analysis of findings and development of recommendations
  • Consensus-building workshop
  • Preparation of final report and agreed recommendations.

As a preparatory step, the country team does a desk review of secondary data and a stakeholder mapping of who is doing what and where to improve nutrition. The team then uses a set of tools and questionnaires conduct interviews at national, regional, district and health care facility level. Through a participatory analysis, the team reviews the findings, considering strengths and weaknesses in relation to an analytical framework for commitment and capacity. A stakeholder consensus meeting is then held, at which a larger group of stakeholders discusses and reaches agreement on the results and proposed recommendations.

Carrying out a landscape analysis country assessment is an intense process. Yet the assessment and its outputs (in terms of firm commitments) can accelerate action in nutrition, provided that the objectives and expected outputs are clear, and partners commit the necessary time and resources to fully participate in the assessment. A major strength of the landscape analysis country assessment is the participatory nature of the process, which involves all stakeholders.

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