The Healthy Growth Project

Promoting healthy growth and preventing childhood stunting

Setting and implementing a stunting reduction agenda

A strategy for communication and advocacy

The project has developed a communication and advocacy strategy that is proposed as a guide for setting and implementing country-specific stunting reduction agendas towards meeting the World Health Assembly’s stunting reduction target for 2025. High-level commitments to stunting reduction need translating into concrete actions for stunting prevention and progress monitoring.

The strategy has two operational components:

  • the first is to strengthen operational capacities for programme implementation to improve infant and young child feeding and the assessment of associated linear growth as integral to stunting prevention.
  • The second is to increase wider public knowledge and engagement in stunting prevention.

Stunted growth and development needs to become a subject of conversation around the family table, at the local fish and vegetable market, at the construction site, in the school playground and in the under-five clinic where health workers explain to caregivers why they are measuring the baby’s length and what his/her growth curves mean so that the latter become active partners in the promotion of healthy growth and prevention of stunting.

Collaboration with media entities and other stakeholders will be sought in each country to contextualize communication and advocacy materials and carry out campaigns and learning events to support these efforts.