2006 list of events


Meeting on Regional Nutrition Strategy for Africa with all African Member States
3-7 December 2006, Brazzavile, Congo


EMRO regional workshop on national nutrition policy and plan formulation and implementation
26-30 November 2006, Cairo, Egypt

Joint efforts to reduce iodine deficiency in Romaina
26-29 November 2006, Bucharest, Romania

2nd meeting of the Network for capacity development in nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe
16-17 November 2006, Budapest

WHO European Ministerial Conference on Counteracting Obesity
15-17 November 2006, Istanbul, Turkey

European Food Safety Authority, Scientific Conference on Nutrition and Health Claims
7-10 November 2006, Bologna, Italy

Introduction of the IYCF: A integrated course for SEAR and EMR Regions
4-18 November 2006, Islamabad, Pakistan

ENN Strategy Workshop on Infant and Young Child Feeding in emergencies
1-3 November 2006, London, UK


228th Session of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dieatry Uses (CCNFSDU)
30 October - 3 November 2006, Chiang Mai, Thailand

HIV and Infant Feeding technical consultation (WHO on behalf of IATT)
25-27 October 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

Breast milk nutrition and Italian Network of the breastfeeding network
19 to 21 October 2006, Trieste, Italy

Participation in the "Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Senologia y Patologia de Mama"
(Spanish BFHI meeting)
19-21 October 2006, Carcares, Spain

Multi country meeting of BFHI in the context of HIV
9-13 October 2006, Kathmandu, Nepal

Geneva meeting on Indicators for assessing complementary feeding
3-4 October 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

IASC Nutrition Cluster Working Group Meeting
4-6 October 2006, Rome, Italy

SCN Working Group on Nutrition in Emergencies Meeting
2-4 October 2006, Rome, Italy


I World Congress of Public Health Nutrition
28-30 September 2006, Barcelona, Spain

Collaboration with WR/Cambodia on IYCF on strengthening pre-service education, including HIV and infant feeding
25-30 September 2006, Phnom Phen, Cambodia

Regional Training on the Management of Severe Malnutrition
20-30 September 2006, United Republic of Tanzania

WHO/UNICEF Strategy Seminar on the BFHI in industrialized countries - Coordinators meeting
18-21 September 2006, Berlin, Germany

Expert Consultative Meeting on the African Region Nutritional Strategy
6-8 September 2006, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


BFHI in HIV context inter-country meeting in South Africa
28-31 August 2006, South Africa

>International AIDS Conference (IAC) - "Time to deliver"
13-18 August 2006, Toronto, Canada


International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) Conference
12-16 July 2006, Philadelphia, USA


Nutrition and HIV/AIDS London Conference, Concern
29 June 2006, London, UK

Multiple micronutrient supplementation in pregnancy
Organized in Geneva by RMN/NHD, UNICEF and SCN, 26-28 June 2006

The Presidents Emergency Plan for Aids Relieve Annual Meeting
The 2006 HIV/AIDS Implementers Meeting (PEPFAR)
12-15 June 2006, Durban, South Africa

WHO Expert consultation on prevention and control of iron deficiency in children from various environments
It is jointly organized by RMN/NHD and CAH in Lyon, 12-15 June 2006

IAEA Meeting on Nutrition and HIV/AIDS
6-8 June 2006, Vienna, Austria

PAHO/AMRO Technical Consultation on the Regional Strategy and Plan of Action on Nutrition and Development
1-2 June 2006, Guatemala City, Guatemala


Meeting on Pediatrics and HIV/AIDS
WHO is joining efforts with NIH in planning a consultation being hosted at NIH in Washington, DC for the development of guidelines for children living with HIV/AIDS, 10-12 May 2006


Regional meeting for assessing progress in implementing the Global Strategy for IYCF in South-East Asia Region
27-30 April 2006, Jaipur, India


WHO/GFATM meeting for the development of guidelines to assist countries in incorporating nutrition into funding proposals
9-10 March 2006, Geneva, Switzerland


First introduction of the revised BFHI materials in HIV context in Eastern Mediterranean Region
15-22 February 2006, Oman

Review of trials on multiple micronutrient supplementation in pregnancy with UNICEF and SCN
February 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

Introduction of the IYCF Counselling: A integrated course for GCC countries
18-24 November 2006, Bahrain