Fourth meeting of the WHO Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG)

Subgroup on Diet and Health

27-30 March 2012, Geneva, Switzerland
Salle M 405

WHO is convening the next meeting of the NUGAG Subgroup on Diet and Health in Geneva, Switzerland from 27 to 30 March 2012. This fourth meeting of the NUGAG Subgroup on Diet and Health is a follow-up to the three previous meetings which took place in February 2010 in Geneva, in March 2011 in Geneva, and in November 2011 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The objectives of the Fourth Meeting of the NUGAG Subgroup on Diet and Health are to:

  • Finalize the evidence-informed recommendations on sugars through:
    • Reviewing and discussing the outcomes of the further revised and updated systematic reviews of the evidence and the GRADE evidence profiles;
    • Assessing the strength of the recommendations, taking into consideration the balance of evidence on benefits and adverse effects, costs, values and preferences, and ethical considerations;
    • Identifying implications for future research on the issues related to sugars;
    • Developing plans for updating the recommendations and guidelines on sugars, considering the on-going research and controversies;
  • Review and finalize the scope of the review and update of guidelines on saturated-fatty acid (SFA) and trans-fatty acid (TFA) consumption and health, following the processes established in the WHO Handbook for Guideline Development, including the drafting of the protocol for systematic review(s).

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