Global Database on Child Growth and Malnutrition

Standard data-entry forms

The data-entry forms can be used to submit any survey results according to the standard format of the WHO Global Database. The EXCEL format serves for electronic submission whereas the PDF for sending results by regular mail. We encourage electronic submissions using the EXCEL file as this greatly facilitates the data inclusion in the WHO Global Database.

Ideally all the cells should be completed but also partial completion is possible as long as the survey fulfils the criteria of this database as outlined below:

  • A defined population-based sampling frame
  • A probabilistic sampling procedure involving at least 400 children
  • Use of standard anthropometric measurement techniques
  • Presentation of results in z-scores in relation to the WHO Child Growth Standards or availability of the raw data, allowing a standardized analysis

The forms represent the standard and most typical age groupings. Should these not match the age groups covered in the survey, the groups can be edited and additional rows be added.

For more information on the WHO Child Growth Standards please click on the link below.