Neglected tropical diseases

4th International meeting on the control of Neglected Zoonotic Diseases

"From Advocacy to Action"

Date: 19–20th November 2014, WHO HQ, Geneva
Hosts: WHO, OIE, FAO Tripartite, ADVANZ, ICONZ

Concept note


From Advocacy to Action aims to present successful methods for the control of neglected zoonotic diseases (NZDs). Its goal is to mobilize increased action by building confidence in policy makers that the approaches outlined for going forward are the right pathways to take. Invited participants will, with the knowledge and insights provided at the meeting, be able to act as high-level advocates in their home countries, to persuade others into action. Attending policy makers, funders and other stakeholders will also be able to benefit from this opportunity for networking in the context of NZD control.

  • Showcase the success of implemented programmes and track progress since the previous three international NZD meetings
  • Identify ways in which to achieve the NZD control milestones as specified in the WHO roadmap
  • Explore ways in which current control interventions can be extended to include other NZDs
  • Increase awareness of NZDs through promotion of health education and communication
  • Launch the Pan-African platform for the prevention and control of NZDs
  • Influence leaders, in particular key policy makers and donors, to increase their commitment to actions to control NZDs

The anticipated outcome of the meeting is that, through the evidence and case studies presented, key policy makers and donors will be motivated to increase their commitment to actions to control these diseases.

Background information

Meeting calls for political commitment, collaboration and community participation for control of NZDs

Clear themes that emerged throughout this meeting were the need for political commitment, sustainable One Health collaborations and the identification of local champions to drive community participation in control.

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