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Submission of application dossiers to VCAG

The fourth meeting of the WHO Vector Control Advisory Group will be held 16th to 18th November 2015.

WHO invites all parties involved in the development, manufacturing and research of innovative public health vector control to submit novel paradigms (tools, technologies and strategies) for the consideration and review of VCAG.

VCAG welcomes the submission of dossiers detailing novel public health vector control paradigms for evaluation. Additional information on VCAG operational procedures can be found under VCAG documents and publications

Application and submission information

  • A Letter of Intent may be submitted to the WHO secretariat by e-mail ( and
    • The Letter of Intent (LOI) should briefly describe the paradigm, the prototype, the potential public health value and the evidence supporting this application. All LOI will be screened by the VCAG Secretariat in consultation with the VCAG Chairperson to determine suitability to go before the Committee.
    • For consideration at the third VCAG meeting to be held in November 2015, the formal letter of intent should reach the WHO secretariat by 1 August 2015.
  • Submission dossier (on invitation from VCAG Secretariat only)
    • Cover letter
    • Completed data entry form
    • Supporting documentation (relevant publications, confidential data and chemical safety information)

The WHO secretariat will confirm receipt of any application dossiers by e-mail. All novel vector control paradigm submissions are prescreened for completeness and eligibility by the WHO secretariat prior to review by VCAG.

For consideration at the fourth VCAG meeting to be held in November 2015, the full invited dossier should reach the WHO secretariat by 15 September 2015.

Applicant resources:
Changes and clarifications for VCAG Applicants