Neglected tropical diseases

VCAG: submission of application dossier

The First VCAG meeting held in July 2013 finalised the operational procedures and the form of submission of application dossier.

WHO invites organizations active in the field of vector control, industry, individual manufacturers with an interest in the development of vector control technologies and academic institutions engaged in vector control technology research to submit new product/ paradigms for consideration and review of VCAG.

VCAG/WHO welcomes submission of dossiers for evaluation of innovative vector control tools under new paradigms.

A Letter of Intent can be submitted as the first step to WHO (secretariat) by e-mail ( and

For consideration by the second VCAG meeting to be held in February 2014, the formal application should reach the secretariat by 15 November 2013.

The operational procedures for VCAG and the data entry form are attached.

Please contact the secretariat for any clarifications.

Future VCAG meetings
  • 10–14 February 2014
  • 10–14 November 2014 (tentative)

Operational procedures for VCAG and data entry form