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Schistosomiasis situational analyses, core implementation data and trend data are provided through direct access to the interactive reports.

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Latest update – 30 September 2016.


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As reported to WHO by various sources
Population requiring PC 2006-2009: Estimates based on L.Chitsulo et al. / Acta Tropica 77(2000)41-51
From 2010 the estimates of population requiring PC for SCH has been revised. For details on methodology please access: Schistosomiasis: population requiring preventive chemotherapy and number of people treated in 2010 [pdf 873kb]. Weekly Epidemiological Record, N°4, 2012, 87:37–44.

SCH – schistosomiasis
PC – Preventive Chemotherapy
Pre-SAC – pre-school age children aged => 1 and < 5 years
SAC – school age children aged => 5 and < 15years
Adults – individuals aged => 15 years.

SAC population requiring PC for SCH annually - estimated number of SAC requiring PC for SCH annually according to the recommended strategy (see below).
Population requiring PC for SCH annually - estimated number of individuals requiring PC for SCH annually according to the recommended strategy (see below).
Programme coverage - proportion (%) of individuals treated as per programme target set.
National coverage - proportion (%) of the population requiring PC for SCH annually in the country that have been treated.

Recommended strategy:
To estimate the population requiring PC for SCH annually, the following model is used:
High risk area – all school-age children and adults required PC.
Moderate risk area – 50% of school-age children and 20% of adults to be treated.
Low risk area – 33% of school-age children to be treated. This is equivalent to treating school-age children twice during their schooling years.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise specified, the preventive chemotherapy database reports information as provided by countries through World Health Organization reporting processes. All reasonable precautions have been taken to verify the information contained in this publication. In no event shall the World Health Organization be liable for damages arising from its use.

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