Neglected tropical diseases

Monitoring drug coverage for preventive chemotherapy


Monitoring, which measures process indicators, should be carried out at the district level, as well as at provincial, national, regional and global levels. Apart from ensuring that activities are being implemented in the agreed manner, effective monitoring allows decision-makers to stay aware of all problems and constraints that may slow progress, and provides the information they may need to refine their planning and implementation of programme activities.

Without reliable information about drug coverage, a core indicator required for global reporting towards established targets defined in World Health Assembly (WHA) resolutions WHA 50.29 (1997), WHA 47.32 (1994) and WHA 54.19 (2001), programme managers and their staff cannot monitor programme performance satisfactorily. Managers must know how many people in need of treatment received treatment, and when and where it was offered. This manual provides programme managers with standardized guidelines for monitoring and reporting of drug coverage for preventive chemotherapy.

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