Neglected tropical diseases

Guidelines for Assuring Safety of Preventive Chemotherapy

31 August 2012 | Geneva

The Ministry of Health and Social welfare of the United Republic of Tanzania has adapted guidelines for monitoring the safety of medicines used in mass treatment campaigns for the control of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

The document entitled “Guidelines for Assuring Safety of Preventive Chemotherapy” has been adapted from WHO’s “Assuring safety of preventive chemotherapy interventions for the control of neglected tropical diseases”. This WHO document, published in 2011, offers practical advice for establishing national mechanisms for prevention, detection and management of adverse events and serious adverse events occurring during mass treatment campaigns.

‘Guidelines for Assuring Safety of Preventive Chemotherapy’ is a guiding tool for Programme Managers, District Supervisors, frontline health workers and community leaders in handling safety information in preventive chemotherapy.

This is an excellent example of cooperation within the Tanzania Ministry of Health involving the NTD National Programme and the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority and aims at improving the management of adverse events during large-scale distribution of medicines. Such collaborative ventures further strengthen national capacity in controlling neglected tropical diseases which affect millions of Tanzanians.

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