Neglected tropical diseases

Media materials

Images of the report launch in room III, UN Palais, Geneva, Switzerland.

Visuals show:

Schistosomiasis in Pemba Island (Broadcasters must courtsey: Merck & Co., Inc.).

  • People near water
  • Mother washing child
  • Snail in water (vector of the disease)
  • Praziquantel distribution to kids
  • Information in school about the disease

Yaws (Broadcasters must courtesy: Médecins sans frontières)

  • Men with a loudspeaker calling people to come to the drug distribution
  • MSF nurse giving drugs to villagers
  • Villagers waiting with numbers
  • Drug distribution

Dengue in Pakistan (WHO footage)

  • Hospital front desk with many patients
  • Men on bed
  • Doctor examine a patient
  • Insecticide spaying in street from big trucks
  • Insecticide spraying in house
  • Man checking if larvae’s are present in water tank
  • CU of larvae’s in water

Soil transmitted helminthiases (Broadcasters must courtesy: Bruno Levecke, Ghent University, Belgium)

  • Kids receiving container for sample
  • Desk with samples and water cups
  • Health worker extracting worm from sample
  • CU of worm

Buruli Ulcer (WHO 2010-2011)

  • Skin test on a woman in Togo
  • CU on a patient with affected hand, status after surgery and healing in Cameron
  • Sample collection on affected patient on the leg in Benin
  • Surgery ward with patient in Ghana
  • Physiotherapy on the arm of a woman in Tsevié hospital in Togo
  • Community education to villages in Benin
  • Lab, testing sample in Togo

Press conference at UNOG (4min)

General footage (3min)