Neglected tropical diseases

Amended resolution on neglected tropical diseases to circulate later today

32 countries and six other speakers took part in Saturday’s deliberations, lasting three hours
Geneva | 27 May 2013

Delegates attending the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly met on Saturday to examine Resolution EB 132.R7 on the prevention, control, elimination and eradication of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Due to some amendments proposed by some Member States, delegates will re-examine a revised copy of Resolution EB 132.R7 later today.

In her closing comments on Saturday, WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan spoke eloquently about and pleaded for the demise of neglected tropical diseases, highlighting the immense suffering these diseases inflict on hundreds of millions of “poor, voiceless and faceless” people, particularly women and children. Dr Chan said an integrated approach and a pragmatic working relationship with industry in tackling these diseases have produced unprecedented results.

Earlier representatives of all countries who intervened supported the resolution, highlighting the challenges and ambitious targets set by WHO. Many countries called on WHO to focus more on the rapid expansion of dengue and support scale-up of activities to strengthen country-level capacity.

Six speakers from non-Member States and non-governmental organizations also addressed the meeting.

Amendments to the resolution were proposed by India, Brazil and Thailand. A revised paper, incorporating the proposed amendments, will has now been circulated and will be examined later today.