Mental health

Removing means for self-harm

Question 2: Is removing means for self-harm better than no intervention for persons with thoughts or plans of self-harm in the last month or acts of self-harm in the last year?

Management of self harm and suicide

  • Population: persons with thoughts, plans or acts of self-harm
  • Interventions: removing means for self-harm
  • Comparison: no intervention
  • Outcomes:
    • suicide mortality
    • repetition of suicide attempts and acts of self-harm
    • thoughts or plans of self-harm, hopelessness
    • quality of life
    • functionality status.


The individual, family and relevant others should be advised to restrict access to the means for self-harm (e.g. pesticides and other toxic substances, medication, firearms) as long as the individual has thoughts, plans or acts of self-harm.
Strength of recommendation: STRONG

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