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First-line anti-epileptic medication for management of acute convulsive seizures, when intravenous access is available



In adults presenting with acute convulsive seizures where intravenous access is available, either intravenous lorazepam or diazepam can be administered to terminate the seizure. Intravenous lorazepam (if available) may be preferred over intravenous diazepam because of slightly superior benefit-risk profile.
Strength of recommendation: CONDITIONAL
Quality of evidence: LOW

Choice of anticonvulsant medicines in children with acute seizures where IV access is available* [New 2015]


In children presenting with acute seizures or status epilepticus where intravenous administration is available, either intravenous diazepam or intravenous lorazepam should be used to terminate the seizure.
Strength of recommendation: CONDITIONAL
Quality of evidence: VERY LOW

*Recommendation is part of the 2015 Paediatric Emergency Triage, Assessment and Treatment Guidelines