Mental health

Cognitive and psychosocial interventions

Question 5: For people with dementia, which cognitive/psychosocial interventions (such as cognitive stimulation, cognitive rehabilitation, reality orientation, reminiscence therapy) when compared to placebo/comparator produce benefits/harm in the specified outcomes?

  • Population: people with dementia
  • Interventions: cognitive/psychosocial interventions (reality orientation, cognitive stimulation, reminiscence therapy, and cognitive rehabilitation)
  • Comparison: care as usual
  • Outcomes:
    • reality orientation
      • cognition improvement
      • behaviour improvement.
    • reminiscence therapy
      • cognition improvement
      • behaviour improvement
      • communication and interaction
      • well-being
      • carer strain
      • staff knowledge of person with dementia.
    • cognitive training
      • cognition
      • verbal memory
      • verbal fluency
      • self-reported memory functioning
      • informant reported participant memory functioning
      • informant reported participant memory and behaviour problems.


Cognitive interventions applying principles of reality orientation, cognitive stimulation and/or reminiscence therapy may be considered in the care of people with dementia. Health care providers should be trained for delivering these interventions and family members should be involved in delivery of these interventions.
Strength of recommendation: STANDARD

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