Training activities offered by Department of Essential Medicines and other Health Technologies (EMP)

EMP carries out a broad range of training activities relating to diagnostics, medicines and vaccines, covering:

  • access to medicines and other health technologies, pricing and supply of those technologies, rational drug use, and drugs under international control
  • innovation and intellectual property, technology transfer and local production of medicines, vaccines and other technologies
  • regulation of diagnostics, medicines and vaccines, including:
  • prequalification of priority health products
  • monitoring of medicines and vaccines safety and quality, including detection and identification of inferior products.

To enable its partners and stakeholders to identify training activities that are of most interest to them, EMP has created a “platform” that collects, displays and updates relevant information.

How it works

Training activities are grouped by area of work and by start date (and also according to the EMP team responsible for the activity). The start date is colour coded:

  • red: activity is still to take place
  • black: activity is to be confirmed
  • grey: activity has already been scheduled
  • blank: activity is not a face-to-face activity i.e. takes the form of e-learning or downloadable resource.

Activities are grouped under:

  • access
  • product efficacy and product performance
  • good practice compliance
  • patents
  • policy
  • quality
  • regulatory practice
  • safety and vigilance.

To view full activity details , please click on the link provided in red, to reach the activity page. Here you will find details on the activity: objective; team; area of work; type of training; target audience; prerequisite for participation; frequency; duration; start date and end date; location; maximum number of participants per course; participation cost; responsible staff and activity ID.

If you have any questions on the training supplied by EMP, or if you have any comments to make on the tool itself, please contact Dr Ahmed Bellah at

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