Essential medicines and health products

English Technical Briefing Seminar on Essential Medicines Policies and Programmes

The general English Technical Briefing Seminar includes presentations, briefings and discussions around the following topics:

  • National Medicines Policies
  • Country Pharmaceutical Profiles and Country Support Strategies
  • Selection and Rational Use of Essential Medicines
  • Quality Assurance of Medicines and Blood Products
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Access to Controlled Medicines
  • Pharmacy Workforce Issues
  • Traditional Medicines
  • Medicine Pricing and Financing Strategies
  • Medicine Supply Systems with contributions from UNICEF, the Global Fund and other organizations
  • Regulatory systems and support
  • The UN Prequalification Programme
  • Effect of international treaties on Access to Medicines
  • Other topics such as human rights, good governance, or promotion will be addressed depending on participant interest.

There will also be a special "hot topics" session focusing on areas of particular interest and relevance at the time of the seminar.

Programme English TBS 2016, 17 - 21 October, Geneva - In preparation


The technical briefing will be of interest to Ministry of Health officials who deal with pharmaceutical issues, WHO regional advisers and country office staff of WHO and other UN agencies, national and regional drug regulators, and government and non-government officials working in related areas. Academics and pharmaceutical company representatives have also attended past seminars.

Expected Outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will:

  • have a general understanding of the most common problems in the pharmaceutical sector in developing and transitional countries; and will have shared experiences in addressing these challenges;;
  • have a general understanding of how WHO and the UNICEF Supply Division support developing and transitional countries in strengthening the pharmaceutical sector;
  • be aware of ways to strengthen collaboration with WHO and other organizations supporting the pharmaceutical sector in developing and transitional countries;
  • be aware of current issues such as pharmacovigilance, pricing issues, traditional medicines and counterfeit medicines.
  • understand the impact of international agreements on pharmaceuticals

Seminar design, presenters & facilitators

Each session combines a presentation from a WHO or invited speaker with active discussion and on occasions group work. The sessions on supply chain issues is conducted as a panel with short presentations and then a facilitated discussion and debate about similar and contrasting approaches related to different diseases and supply or financing organizations.
For each sessions key documents are identified and these together with the PowerPoint slides used are provided to participants after the seminar for their individual use and to copy for further distribution. One afternoon is available for individual appointments with WHO staff.


Attendance is limited to 30 places. Participation is free of charge. However, each participant is responsible for own travel and accommodation costs.
The closing date for the submission of applications is 31 August 2016. Please apply using the electronic application form in the right column of this page.
(Based on past experience we encourage participants from countries for which Schengen visas are required to apply early.)


English TBS
17 - 21 October 2016

Application deadline:
31 August 2016

Only fully completed application forms submitted within this deadline will be considered. Thank you.


Contact English TBS:

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