Essential medicines and health products

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  • All components and contents are important and relevant to what I do. Very good introduction and overview on EMP. Links and resources are very useful and important.

  • All topics very relevant, and one week is the bare minimum to cover all topics. Don’t know how we did avoid saturation by 3rd of 4th day. Otherwise course was very useful for me. A lot of grey areas of understanding became much clearer.

  • Very satisfied with the overall program and the topics chosen. Good to get a bigger picture, to place all actors involved. Very open and accessible briefing seminar. A lot of opportunities given out of which self-learning and further reading is possible. A wonderful week, very appreciated. Thank you all.

  • Excellent seminar. Very well organized and good selection of speakers/topics. Also appreciated having copies fo each presentation for future reference. Thank you.

  • Thanks to the staff of HQ responsible for this seminar, I hope you continue holding such activities. Paying attention to countries with a specific situation like mine, Iraq. Thank you.

  • I am from Myanmar. I am a new comer in this field. But I have learnt invaluable things in this seminar. I will try to do something to improve in our country concerning essential medicines activities. Thank you to WHO HQ, SEARO and Country office (Myanmar) for support of all