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Advanced Technical Briefing Seminar on Medicine Prices, Availability and Financing

The Advanced Technical Briefing Seminar (TBS) on Medicine Prices, Availability and Financing was developed in 2007 in response to requests from participants of the General TBS for a seminar focusing specifically on these topics.

The first Advanced TBS on Medicine Prices, Availability and Price Regulation was held on April 30th to May 4th, 2007 at WHO Headquarters in Geneva. To enable greater regional participation, particularly from South-east Asia and the Western Pacific, a second Advanced TBS on medicine pricing was held on 10-14 November 2008 in New Delhi, India.

The seminar is designed to complement the general seminar by facilitating intensive study of key topics related to medicine prices, availability and financing.
In past seminars, individual sessions have been devoted to:

  • measurement of medicine prices and availability;
  • price regulation and competition;
  • health insurance and other financing schemes;
  • policies to promote the use of generic medicines;
  • quality, Good Manufacturing Practices and rational use of medicines;
  • price components in the supply and distribution chain, including mark-ups;
  • public sector medicine production, local production, generic manufacturing; and
  • consumer education, promotion and advocacy.

The third Advanced TBS on medicine prices, availability and financing.


The seminar is intended for medicines experts working in governments, academic institutions, nongovernment and civil society organizations, multilateral and bilateral organizations, professional associations and the private sector. Preference is given to applicants with specific experience working on medicine pricing, availability and/or financing issues.

Expected Outcomes

The seminar allows participants to deepen their theoretical knowledge of medicine pricing and financing issues, as well as learn about current practices in other countries.

Seminar design, presenters & facilitators

The format of the seminar includes both theoretical sessions, group work and plenary discussions where participants can share experiences from their own country practices. The seminar is led by a group of faculty with extensive expertise in their respective fields.


Attendance is limited to 35 places. Participation is free of charge. However, each participant is responsible for own travel and accommodation costs.
The closing date for the submission of applications is 1 December 2009. Please apply using the electronic application form in the right column of this page.


Advanced TBS on Pricing
Early 2010 (dates tbc)

Application deadline:
1 December 2009

Only fully completed application forms submitted within this deadline will be considered. Thank you.