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International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities (ICDRA)

The International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities (ICDRAs) provide drug regulatory authorities of WHO Member States with a forum to meet and discuss ways to strengthen collaboration. The ICDRAs have been instrumental in guiding regulatory authorities, WHO and interested stakeholders and in determining priorities for action in national and international regulation of medicines, vaccines, biomedicines and herbals.

The conferences have been held since 1980 with the aim of promoting exchange of information and collaborative approaches to issues of common concern. As a platform established to develop international consensus, the ICDRA continues to be an important tool for WHO and drug regulatory authorities in their efforts to harmonize regulation and improve the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines.

The ICDRA programme is developed by a planning committee of representative drug regulators. Topics discussed during the four days of the ICDRA, may include quality issues, herbal medicines, homeopathy, regulatory reform, medicines safety, counterfeiting, access, regulation of clinical trials, harmonization, new technologies and e-commerce. Recommendations are proposed for action among agencies, WHO and related institutions.