Medical devices

WHO Resolutions

The World Health Assembly, WHO's supreme decision-making body, gathers annually at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. During this multi-day meeting, resolutions on key health issues are adopted to urge Member States and to request the WHO Director General undertake particular actions related to these key health issues. Similarly, regional resolutions are adopted at regional committee meetings. The resolutions that follow pertain to health technologies and medical devices.

60th World Health Assembly

The first resolution on health technologies by the World Health Assembly was passed in May 2007 (WHA60.29). Through the passing of this resolution, delegations from Member States acknowledged the importance of health technologies for the achievement of health-related development goals, urged expansion of expertise in the field of health technologies in particular medical devices and requested WHO to take specific actions to support Member States.

Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean 53rd Session

In September of 2006, the Regional Committee of the Eastern Mediterranean passed a resolution on medical devices and equipment in contemporary health care systems and services (EM/RC53/R.7). The Regional Committee recognized the indispensable nature of medical devices for health-care providers, urged the development of plans to promote the appropriate use of medical technologies and requested particular activities to be carried out.

Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean 44th Session

The Regional Committee of the Eastern Mediterranean passed a resolution in October 1997 (EM/RC44/R.3) recognizing the importance of proper technology evaluation, selection, adaptation and rational use of health technology. The Regional Committee called upon Member States to develop national health technology programmes and urged the strengthening of the role of WHO Collaborating Centres.

The Regional Committee for Africa 49th Session

In September 1999, the Regional Committee for Africa passed a resolution (AFR/RC49/R12) urging Member States to develop and implement comprehensive and consistent health technology policies and plans for the improvement of health care services, containment of costs and reduction of dependence.

The Regional Committee for Africa 44th Session

Following the technical discussions at the 44th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa on the Selection and Development of Health Technologies at the District level, the Regional Committee for Africa passed a resolution in September 1994 (AFR/RC44/R15) which urged Member States to develop comprehensive health technology policies. The Organization was requested to reinforce assistance to Member States in the development and implementation of health technology policies and plans, training and information support.