Medical devices

Medical Devices

Medical devices are essential to ensure that prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases are safe and effective. The achievement of health development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals involves the manufacture, regulation, planning, evaluation, acquisition, management, and use of quality, safe and appropriate medical devices which are targeted to specific settings.

In accordance with resolution WHA60.29 of the World Health Assembly, the mission of the Diagnostic Imaging and Medical Devices team within the Department of Essential Health Technologies is to enhance access to quality, safe and appropriate medical devices, as well as their use within the reform of primary health care.

The strategic main axis identified for 2009-2011 are the Essential Medical Devices Project, Survey of Innovative Technologies, and the Global Initiative for Health Technologies (GIHT). The GIHT provides policy development and management tools concerning health technologies, as well as innovative technologies choice.

The Baseline Country Survey on Medical Devices Project is designed to establish availability of policies, guidelines, standards and services for the assessment, management and regulation of health technology in Member States. Likewise, it is WHO's intention to determine the key areas to support the development of health technology programmes in regions and countries, as well as to share knowledge and information with Member States, in accordance with the outcomes of the resolution on health technologies adopted in 2007 (WHA60.29).

The ministries of health will receive an official letter of invitation to participate in the survey, in which they will find a unique password that will allow them to access the survey form and complete it online by clicking the link below.

The deadline for sending the questionnaire is extended to November 30th, 2011.

For queries and questions regarding the Baseline Country Survey, please send an email or call to the following contacts: Adriana Velazquez +41 22 791 1239, Jennifer Barragan +41 22 791 3921, Dr. Ricardo X. Martinez or