Medical devices

Hospital medical equipment


Today, there are more than 10 000 types of medical devices available. The selection of appropriate medical equipment always depends on local, regional or national requirements; factors to consider include the type of health facility where the devices are to be used, the health work force available and the burden of disease experienced in the specific catchment area. It is therefore impossible to make a list of core medical equipment which would be exhaustive and/or universally applicable.

With that being said, we have created a set of core medical equipment fact sheets that have been produced by ECRI Institute with a view towards raising stakeholders’ awareness about the equipment’s existence and functionality. Each of our fact sheets also includes relevant device names and device codes from ECRI Institute’s and the GMDN Agency’s standardized nomenclature systems.

Each fact sheet displays a type of medical equipment, the health problems addressed by the device, the operation procedures, its typical size, weight and price range, and infrastructure requirements for effective and safe use. Technologies are placed into context of existing nomenclature systems; they are not specific to any brand, model or vendor.

The WHO Department of Essential Health Technologies is planning to continuously update the list of core medical equipment and make it publicly available on the WHO website for information purposes, subject to the disclaimers listed here.

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