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Highlights of the first Tobacco Treaty Conference of the Parties

The first Conference of the Parties (COP) to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control has concluded today in Geneva, having adopted the following decisions:

  • To establish the permanent secretariat of the Treaty within the World Health Organization, located in Geneva. Delegates agreed on a budget of US$ 8 million for its functioning during the next two years. Parties agreed to fund it through voluntary assessed contributions.
  • To create working groups that will begin development of protocols (legally binding instruments) in the areas of cross-border advertising and illicit trade. To help countries establish smoke-free places and effective ways of regulating tobacco products, Parties agreed to develop guidelines (non-binding instruments).
  • To allow the Conference of the Parties to assess progress made by countries in implementing the measures required by the Treaty through a pilot reporting questionnaire agreed by the Parties during the Conference.
  • To establish an ad-hoc group of experts that will study economically viable alternatives to tobacco growing and production, with a view to making recommendations on diversification initiatives for those countries whose economies depend heavily on tobacco production.

The President of the Conference, Ambassador Juan Martabit from Chile said, "The urgency of the problem of tobacco use is shared by all of us, and the commitment from countries and civil society to take action is very strong. I felt the positive spirit throughout the Conference, which clearly contributed to its success, helping countries to reach consensus quickly on the basic issues, so we can concentrate our efforts in the implementation. I am confident we are on track to save millions of lives in the near future thanks to this Treaty."

Notes for the editors:

The first meeting of the governing body has garnered 113 full parties out of the 194 eligible parties. Full parties represent at this moment 74% of the world's population.

More information about the first session of the COP, including day to day overview, documents and presentations:

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