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  • WHO urges action against HIV drug resistance threat
    20 July 2017 | GENEVA – WHO has detailed an increasing trend of resistance to HIV drugs in a new report, warning that this is a growing threat. The 2017 WHO HIV drug resistance report shows that in 6 of the 11 countries surveyed, over 10% of people starting antiretroviral therapy had a strain of HIV resistant to the most widely used medicines.
  • WHO report finds dramatic increase in life-saving tobacco control policies in last decade
    19 July 2017 – The WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic finds that more countries have implemented tobacco control policies, ranging from graphic pack warnings and advertising bans to no smoking areas.
  • WHO estimates cost of reaching global health targets by 2030
    17 July 2017 | GENEVA – The SDG Health Price Tag, published today in The Lancet Global Health, estimates the costs and benefits of progressively expanding health services in order to reach 16 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) health targets in 67 low- and middle-income countries that account for 75% of the world’s population.


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