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Second meeting of the Infection Control Network

Date: 26-27 June 2008
Place: Geneva, Switzerland

The second meeting of the Infection Control Network for Readiness and Response to Communicable Diseases Emergencies will take place in Geneva on 26 and 27 June 2008.

Controlling and stopping the transmission of infectious diseases, both in health-care facilities and the community, is a key step in outbreak and epidemic prevention and control. Some of the world's prominent infection control experts and WHO experts from headquarters, regional and country offices will meet to identify the essential components of national and local infection control programmes.

Spread of infections associated with health care contribute both to high burdens of disease and the risk of exacerbating disease outbreaks. Also, health care systems may face unpredicted communicable disease emergencies, and having infection control practices already in place and a plan to respond to emergencies are key to mitigate the crisis.

The aim of this network meeting is to define essential infection prevention and control components for safe health care in routine situations, but also in responding to communicable disease crises.

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