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World Health Organization Forum and Technical Meeting on Population-based Prevention Strategies for Childhood Obesity

Date: 15–17 December 2009
Place: Geneva, Switzerland

The prevalence of childhood obesity worldwide is increasing, with more than 22 million children globally now classified as overweight. Evidence shows that childhood obesity is caused by many factors and has various potential solutions. As with other public health strategies there are also numerous implementation challenges.

WHO is organizing this event in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sports, France. It will bring together invited academics and government officials from across all WHO regions. The objectives of the event are:

  • to discuss successes and failures of various population-based initiatives aimed at preventing childhood obesity;
  • to compile information on how to scale-up successful interventions; and
  • to discuss ways of ensuring the sustainability of national policies.

The outcome of this event is intended to result in the development of guidance on population-based prevention of childhood obesity.

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