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  • WHO mobilizes funds for long-term spinal cord treatment after Nepal earthquake
    2 May 2015 -- Among the estimated 14 000 injuries incurred as a result of the April 25 earthquake, which measured 7.8 on the Richter scale and has so far resulted in 6200 recorded fatalities, approximately 1 in 3 (or around 4700) will require follow-up rehabilitation treatment. Of this number, approximately 12 percent have damage to their spinal cord.
  • WHO issues rapid health assessment on impact of Nepal earthquake
    1 May 2015 -- A rapid assessment of health-care facilities by WHO and the Ministry of Health and Population in the earthquake-stricken areas has found that hospitals in 4 of the worst-affected districts are completely destroyed or too badly damaged to function.
  • Nepal: WHO works with partners to prevent diarrhoeal diseases
    1 May 2015 -- WHO and partner organizations in Nepal have mobilized further resources including medicine and medical equipment to prevent the possible spread of diarrhoeal diseases among populations affected by the country’s devastating earthquake.

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