Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

World Immunization Week 2014: Know, Check, Protect

17 April 2014 -- Immunize for a healthy future: Know, Check, Protect. This is the message of this year’s World Immunization Week, on 24-30 April. This short video encourages you to ask your local health clinic which vaccines you need, check whether your vaccinations are up-to-date, and to get the vaccines you need, when you need them.

World Health Assembly approves monitoring framework for maternal and child nutrition

Lady with her child in Nepal Market
WHO/SEARO/V. Gupta-Smith

At the World Health Assembly, Member States approved a global monitoring framework on maternal, infant and young child nutrition. The WHO Secretariat was asked to develop recommendations for Member States on how to address the inappropriate marketing of complementary foods - foods for infants and young children who are still breastfed.

Child health

Pocket book of hospital care for children: Second edition

This is the second edition of the Pocket book of hospital care for children. It is for use by doctors, nurses and other health workers who are responsible for the care of young children at the first level referral hospitals. The Pocket Book is one of a series of documents and tools that support the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI). It is an update of the 2005 edition, and presents up-to-date evidence based clinical guidelines from several recently updated and published WHO guidelines and recommendations.

Manual on paediatric HIV care and treatment for district hospitals

HIV/AIDS affects the health and welfare of children and undermines hard-won gains in child survival in some of the highly-affected countries. The Manual on paediatric HIV care and treatment for district hospitals aims to help improve clinical skills among health workers in resource-limited settings. It is intended for use by doctors, middle-level practitioners such as clinical officers and senior nurses in the management of HIV-exposed and -infected infants and children at district hospital levels.