Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Action for adolescent health: Towards a common agenda

Recommendations from a joint study group

World Health Organization; UNFPA; UNICEF

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Number of pages: 14
Publication date: 1997
Languages: English, French, Spanish
WHO reference number: WHO/FRH/ADH/97.9



The Members of the WHO/UNFPA/UNICEF Study Group on Programming for Adolescent Health emphasized the crucial need for the three agencies to provide complementary support to countries, by working within a common technical framework, in order to strengthen and expand the activities in countries aimed at promoting adolescent health in a more systematic fashion.

The Common Agenda for Action encourages the three UN agencies with principal interest and experience in the area of adolescent health, to support activities in countries in complementary ways. Seen as an update of the WHO/UNFPA/UNICEF Joint Statement on the Reproductive Health of Adolescents: a strategy for action (published in 1989). The Common Agenda is intended to reflect the policies of the three agencies and serve as a basis for discussion at country level in the determination of their support of country-level programming. It also provides specific suggestions for collaborative activities to advance programming for adolescents at different levels.