Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Core competencies in adolescent health and development for primary care providers

16 January 2015 -- WHO new guidance “Core competencies in adolescent health and development for primary care providers” is a practical tool that describes what are the competencies required in primary care to effectively deal with adolescent clients, and how these competencies can be integrated into the professional education.

Treatment of childhood pneumonia at health facilities

28 October 2014 -- Pneumonia continues to be the biggest killer worldwide of children under five years of age. Although the implementation of safe, effective and affordable interventions has reduced pneumonia mortality from 4 million in 1981 to just over one million in 2013, pneumonia still accounts for nearly one-fifth of childhood deaths worldwide.

The purpose of this document is to provide a summary of WHO-approved recommendations, and the evidence supporting them, and to assist national child health programmes in revising their guidelines to conform to the new recommendations.

Treatment of skin and oral HIV-associated conditions

14 October 2014 -- Skin and mucosal conditions are extremely common in all children and adults in particular in HIV-infected adults and children and are one of the commonest daily management problems faced by health care workers caring for patients with HIV infection.

WHO has selected ten skin and mucosal conditions based on burden of disease and has developed the guidelines on treatment.