Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Global consultation on the health services response to the prevention and care of HIV/AIDS among young people

Achieving the global goals - access to services

World Health Organization

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Number of pages: 76
Publication date: 2004
Languages: English
ISBN: 9241591323



This document is intended for individuals and organizations in developed and developing countries that are interested in the prevention and care of HIV among young people. It contains a technical report on a global consultation that examined the health service response to HIV among young people.

The report reviews the evidence for effectiveness for a number of interventions delivered though a range of different service providers, including information and counselling; use and distribution of condoms for sexually active young people; STI treatment and care; harm reduction and measures to decrease transmission through IDU and access to HIV testing, care and support.

The report reviews the evidence of effective delivery of these interventions in a range of settings and develops a set of recommendations as to how to accelerate action towards internationally recognised global goals on HIV and young people in countries.