Management for health services delivery

Partnerships management: Working with partners

For frontline managers

  • Planning Together: How (and How Not) to Engage Stakeholders in Charting a Course
    Xavier de Souza Briggs, 2003, Community Problem Solving Network
    Why engage stakeholders in planning; who to involve with what roles; informed views; improving what experts know; building a knowledge base and analyzing problems well; feedback; consensus decision-making
    (27 pages, pdf 889kb)
  • Organizing Stakeholders, Building Movement, Setting the Agenda
    Xavier de Souza Briggs, 2003, Community Problem Solving Network
    What organizing is and what it does; civic activity to create change; power and influence; negotiation, planning and implementing solutions
    (27 pages, pdf 871kb)
  • The Partnering Toolbook
    Ros Tennyson, 2003, International Business Leaders Forum
    Principles, processes, obstacles, resource map, commitment, accountability
    (45 pages, pdf 1.6MB)
  • Partnership Tools
    doc, 216kb

    The Partnering Initiative
    Word document with 8 tools as forms (to unlock and edit, use the forms toolbar). Tool1: Partner assessment form; Tool 2: Coherence assessment questionnaire; Tool 3: Sample partnering agreement; Tool 4: Partnering roles and skills questionnaire; Tool 5: Guidelines for partnering conversations; Tool 6: Partnership review template; Tool 7: Casestudy template; Tool 8: Communications checklist.
    (9 pages, doc 211kb)
  • Conducting Key Informant Interviews
    Performance Monitoring and Evaluation TIPS #2, 1996, USAID
    When to use, advantages and disadvantages, process
    (4 pages, pdf 27kb)