Management for health services delivery

Partnerships management: Involving communities

For frontline managers

For materials on management of community health services and related topics such as:

i.   Primary health care
ii.  Supportive supervision
iii. Referral systems
iv. Health promotion

  • Health Promotion Through Self-care and Community Participation: Elements of a Proposed Programme in the Developing Countries
    Khanindra K. Bhuyan, BioMed Central Public Health 2004, 4:11
    Supportive policies; self-care clearinghouses; self-care promoted in schools and workplaces; developing personal skills of individuals; disseminating self-care information; a personally held self-care manual and health record, designed jointly by the community and professionals; periodic monitoring and evaluation; effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of self-care interventions; potential for health promotion and cost reduction
    (12 pages, pdf 336kb)
  • UNDP and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) A Toolkit for Strengthening Partnerships
    2006, UNDP CSO Division, Bureau for Resources and Strategic Partnerships
    This toolkit is aimed at providing practical guidance and essential information in forging partnerships with CSOs. It includes examples of innovative country-level mechanisms to build and strengthen collaboration with CSOs.
    (94 pages, pdf 1.2MB)
  • Sharing Knowledge for Community Development and Transformation: A Handbook
    Kingo J. Mchombu, 2004, Oxfam Canada
    Information and human development; content of community information resource centres; information processing and sharing; HIV/AIDS resource centres; country examples
    (162 pages, pdf 396kb)
  • Healthy Villages: A guide for Communities and Community Health Workers
    Guy Howard, 2002, WHO
    Achieving good health; water; excreta disposal; drainage; solid waste management and chemical safety; housing quality; personal, domestic and community hygiene; promoting hygiene; providing health care; establishing committees for the village programmes; supporting healthy village initiatives
    (Website with links to individual chapters - total 120 pages)