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The "Montreux Challenge"

Making Health Systems Work

Glion Montreux, Switzerland, 4-6 April, 2005

This meeting, hosted by WHO, brought together key constituencies that are contributing to different elements of health system strengthening: from the major global programmes and initiatives, funding agencies, health system experts and country policy-makers.

The objectives of this meeting were:

  • To reach agreement on what constitutes health system strengthening
  • To identify ways to get greater complementarity in activities to support health systems, through disease specific and more general approaches to health system development
  • To agree a rough road map for taking discrete elements of this health systems agenda forward in order to alleviate the most binding systems constraints, and accelerate progress towards global health goals.

Below are some of the key documents, still in DRAFT form, resulting from the meeting and associated follow-up work. The main target audience for these documents at this stage are those who participated in the Montreux meeting and those who are assisting with follow-up work.

Background Materials


EIP/HDS Working Papers on Making Health Systems Work