Management for health services delivery

Sub-national and district management: Primary Health Care

For frontline managers

  • On Being in Charge: A Guide to Management in Primary Health Care
    Rosemary McMahon, Elizabeth Barton, and Maurice Piot, 1992
    Definitions, principles and main functions of management, the health team, leading the health team, organising, controlling and assessing work
    (3 pages, pdf 52kb - On page 3 of the above link, click on the blue headings to get the chapter information)
  • Toolkits for Strengthening Primary Health Care - PHC Service Delivery
    pdf, 938kb

    Partners for Health Reform, 2005
    Sample List of PHC Services; Sample PHC Physician Retraining Curriculum; Sample PHC Nurse Retraining Curriculum; Quick References; Referral Guidelines; Referral Policy and Procedure
    (63 pages)
  • Quality Assurance Training Programme for Primary Healthcare Laboratory Services
    Gabriele Mallapaty, 2000, The Public Health Care Laboratory
    Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Parasitoloy and Urine Analysis. Each subject is introduced with a theoretical session on sample collection, sample storage & transportation, and waste disposal & precautions. Internal Quality Control procedures for selected tests are highlighted. Practical sessions focus on selected tests.
    (86 pages, pdf 324kb)
  • Equipment List for Primary Health Care Laboratories
    Gabriele Mallapaty , 2001, The Public Healthcare Laboratory
    Major equipment; minor equipment; glassware; consumables; reagents; others
    (5 pages, pdf 26kb)

Medical Supplies and Equipment for Primary Health Care: A Practical Resource for Procurement and Management
Manjit Kaur and Sarah Hall, 2001, Durbin Plc., ECHO
Primary health care facilities usually provide community care (supporting community-based health workers) and home-care programmes for disabled people and people with chronic or terminal illness. Some PHC services may also have a delivery room, a few short stay beds and basic laboratory equipment. The information in this book will also be relevant for secondary level facilities, usually district hospitals, which deal with more complex cases and take referrals from primary level facilities.