WHO historical documents on malaria (1947-2000)

Comprehensive overview of all WHO/MAL documents published between 1947 and 2000 with year of publication, titles, authors and hyperlinks to the full texts

World Health Organization

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Number of pages: 134
Publication date: 2012
Languages: English
ISBN: WHOMAL2012.1119



This overview document provides a listing of all the WHO/MAL documents that were published by the World Health Organization between 1947 and 2000, with year of publication, titles, authors and hyperlinks to the full text documents. The document aims to make the World Health Organization's historical grey literature on malaria accessible to a wider audience.

The WHO/MAL series (1947-2000) includes over one thousand titles. Its purpose was three-fold:

  • To acquaint WHO staff, national institutes and individual research or public health workers with the changing trends of malaria research and the progress of malaria eradication by means of summaries of some relevant problems;
  • To distribute to the groups mentioned above those field reports and other communications which are of particular interest but which would not normally be printed in any WHO publications; and
  • To make available to interested readers some papers which will eventually appear in print but which, on account of their immediate interest or importance deserve to be known without undue delay.