This publication contains guidance that is out of date.


Targeted subsidy strategies for national scaling up of insecticide-treated netting programmes (archived)

September 2005

World Health Organization, Roll Back Malaria

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Number of pages: 86
Publication date: 2005
Languages: English, French
WHO reference number: WHO/HTM/MAL/2005.1104



The purpose of this document is to help those involved in planning, promoting and implementing ITN programmes make systematic decisions about how to target public funds effectively.

It is based on a week of intensive dialogue – reflecting field experiences in 12 African countries – at a workshop on Mapping models for targeted ITN subsidies.

These pages provide principles and approaches for countries and donors to consider in designing ITN interventions that will reach populations in need at the required scale, over the long term and with efficient use of resources. The document examines different ways of targeting resources. It considers the effects of these decisions not only on net use but on net supply and a range of delivery systems. It suggests that monitoring these effects and adjusting programmes as conditions (and markets) evolve is the key to equitable as well as sustainable coverage.