Protecting all pregnant women and children under five years living in malaria endemic areas in Africa with insecticide treated mosquito nets

March 2006

Working paper prepared by Jayne Webster, Jo Lines and Lucy Smith, TARGETS Consortium, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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Number of pages: 53
Publication date: 2006
Languages: English



This working paper, originally prepared for a high-level meeting on scaling-up insecticide treated net coverage convened by the United Nations Foundation in September 2005, aims to provide a basis for planning for such a scale-up by evaluating the future commodity and operational costs associated with providing universal coverage with insecticide treated nets for pregnant women and children under five in malaria endemic areas of Africa.

Following the recommendations of the meeting, it was revised based on comments from participants, members of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Working Group on Insecticide-treated Nets (WIN), WHO and UNICEF staff working on malaria control and vector control as well as other partners. It is now published so as to provide benchmark figures on commodity needs and funding needs, against which actual implementation can be gauged.