Launch of the Global plan for insecticide resistance management in malaria vectors. Report on the event held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 15 May 2012

August 2012


World Health Organization

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Publication date: 2012
Languages: English



The launch in May 2012 of a global plan to tackle insecticide resistance has provided the international community with a clear and cohesive strategy that prioritises early action. The Global Plan for Insecticide Resistance Management in malaria vectors (GPIRM) was developed through consultation with over 130 stakeholders representing all constituencies of the malaria community.

The GPIRM describes a five-pillar strategy based on shared public, private and civil society responsibility that safeguards past achievements in malaria control while addressing insecticide resistance and associated future challenges.

Held at WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the GPIRM launch event brought together high-level representatives of all key partners within the global malaria community. Speakers urged affected countries and stakeholders to take immediate action to preserve the effectiveness of current vector control tools, and to ensure that new public health insecticides are made available soon.

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