Training module on malaria control: Epidemiological approach for malaria control. Second Edition

December 2013


World Health Organization

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Number of pages: 176 (Guide for tutors), 184 (Guide for Participants)
Publication date: 2013
Languages: English, Portuguese
ISBN: 978 92 4 150601 4



The planning and implementation of a malaria control programme must be based on epidemiological analysis, selection and application of interventions suitable to the local malaria situation. This training module on epidemiological approach for malaria control has been developed by WHO to improve the capacity of managers and other health professionals of malaria control programmes in understanding the key determinants of malaria epidemiology, and their interactions, as the basis for the selection of appropriate prevention and control interventions. The module can be used both for in-service training programmes and pre-service training of health workers.

The module is in two parts, the Guide for Participants and the Guide for Tutors. The Guide for Participants provides instructional materials and exercises designed to stimulate active learning by individual or group work. The solutions to these exercises are provided in the Guide for Tutors.

Abordagem epidemiológica na luta contra o paludismo (2ª ed.)

O planeamento e a implementação de um programa de luta contra o paludismo deverão basear-se na análisee aplicação epidemiológica de intervenções adequadas a situações específicas locais do paludismo. A finalidade este módulo de formação é melhorar a capacidade dos participantes para fazerem uma análise e uma síntese criticas dos principais determinantes da epidemiologia do paludismo e suas interacções, como base para a selecção de intervenções adequadas de prevenção e controlo.

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