This publication contains guidance that is out of date.


Malaria indicator survey: basic documentation for survey design and implementation (archived)

July 2005

WHO, UNICEF, MEASURE DHS, MEASURE Evaluation, United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Number of pages: 1 v. + 1 CD-ROM
Publication date: 2005
Languages: English
ISBN: 9241593571



The package contains a series of guidelines, questionnaires, recommended tabulations, and relevant manuals to assist those conducting household-level malaria surveys. These recommendations are based on field-tested questions and methods and represent the combined experience of the Roll Back Malaria MERG Household Survey Task Force agencies. The package contains additional recommendations for issues, such as measuring coverage of indoor residual spraying , anaemia and malaria parasitaemia testing (to be developed) in survey field conditions, as well as guidance on integrating geocoding and personal digital assistants into survey sampling and data collection.