Ban Ki-moon launches 2014 MDG report

24 July 2014 – On 7 July 2014, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon launched the latest progress report on the Millennium Development Goals. While many of the targets have been met, including target 6C on malaria, significant challenges remain. “For the most marginalized and vulnerable in society, social exclusion and discrimination are among the greatest obstacles to progress,” Mr Ban said, adding that bolder and more focused interventions are needed to address these imbalances. The malaria section of the report was developed jointly by the WHO Global Malaria Programme and UNICEF.

Web consultation launched on draft global malaria strategy

11 July 2014 – A web consultation has been launched to solicit comments from members of the global health community on the post-2015 WHO global technical strategy on malaria. The strategy has been developed under the guidance of a steering committee of leading malaria experts and an earlier version has been discussed at seven regional consultations. Comments and inputs received from national malaria control programmes and key partners have been considered. The open web consultation now allows consultation participants, other partner institutions, NGOs and interested members of the public to engage with the process. It will be open until 15 August 2014.

In focus: Global malaria targets for 2015

Young children in malaria endemic area of Budalangi, Kenya
Sarah Hoibak/ MENTOR

4 July 2014 – There are four main sets of global goals and targets for 2015: the Millennium Development Goal 6; the Abuja targets set by the African Union; targets set through the World Health Assembly; and goals set by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership through the Global Malaria Action Plan. Progress towards these goals is summarized each year in the World Malaria Report, which provides a comprehensive assessment of trends in programme financing, intervention coverage and malaria cases and deaths. An overview is also available in WHO’s most recent progress report for the UN General Assembly.


Latest news

24 July 2014 – Round 5 results of WHO product testing of malaria RDTs

WHO, FIND and US CDC have released the latest report on malaria RDT product testing. The report provides a comparative measure of RDT performance in a standardized way to distinguish between well and poorly performing tests.

22 July 2014 – WHO procedures for certification of malaria elimination

A new article in the Weekly Epidemiological Record provides a summary of the WHO procedures for certification of malaria elimination and of the various steps that make up the process.

11 July 2014 – Registration open for the next MPAC meeting

The next meeting of the Malaria Policy Advisory Committee will be held in Geneva, Switzerland on 10–12 September 2014. The draft meeting agenda can be consulted on the dedicated MPAC page.

4 July 2014 – Latest MPAC report available in Malaria Journal

The Malaria Policy Advisory Committee last met on 12-14 March 2014. The report from this meeting is now available in the Malaria Journal. The report and all related documentation can be consulted on the dedicated MPAC meetings page.

30 June 2014 – Lao PDR: Malaria outbreaks remain worrisome but progress is being made

Despite a substantial reduction of the malaria burden, the Lao PDR continues to experience outbreaks. A feature story, provided by the ERAR regional hub in Cambodia, provides insight into the country’s unique challenges.

World Malaria Report 2013

The report contains the latest available data on malaria policies, interventions and trends in all endemic countries.

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