Draft global technical strategy for malaria (2016-2030)

The WHO Global Malaria Programme is coordinating the development of a global technical strategy for malaria (GTS). It will articulate the vision and goals for malaria over the next decade and bring together current policy recommendations in a comprehensive, evidence-based strategy for WHO Member States to use in developing their own strategies, wherever they are along the pathway to elimination.

The consultation process

The global technical strategy is being developed through an inclusive, country-driven approach. Based on a foundation of existing strategies, it will include input from consultations with WHO Regions, international experts and country programmes. A series of regional consultations were held between March and June 2014 as well as a public web consultation which closed on 15 August 2014.

The strategy development process is led by a Steering Committee composed of 14 leading malaria technical experts, scientists and representatives of endemic countries. Oversight is provided by the Malaria Policy Advisory Committee, which reviewed the first draft of the strategy at its March 2014 meeting.

Purpose of the global technical strategy

The strategy will help Member States address serious threats to progress, including artemisinin resistance, insecticide resistance, weak health systems and inadequate human resources. It will also help them embrace future innovations and adapt to the emergence of new tools.

Measures to sustain and accelerate progress, such as enhancing surveillance and using data for decision-making, will be emphasized, as will be the importance of developing and incorporating new interventions and strategies based on emerging evidence and country needs.

Alignment with the GMAP2

Concurrent with the development of the Global Technical Strategy, the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Partnership is coordinating the development of the Global Malaria Action Plan 2 (GMAP2). The GMAP2 will accelerate progress towards elimination through global advocacy, resource mobilization, partner harmonization, the engagement of non-health sectors, as well as global, regional and country-level planning for the implementation of the global technical strategy.

The global technical strategy and the GMAP2 are being developed in a synchronous, collaborative process, and will provide a strengthened platform for continuing malaria investments in the broader post-2015 development agenda.

Last update: 20 June 2014

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