Lymphatic filariasis


China and the Republic of Korea were declared to have eliminated lymphatic filariasis as a public health problem in 2007 and 2008, respectively. Of 72 countries listed by WHO as being endemic for lymphatic filariasis, 68 countries have completed mapping their endemic foci, 11 countries have made progress and 2 have yet to start the process.

Since the launch of the programme, there has been consistent and steady increase in the number of countries implementing MDA from 12 in 2000 to 59 in 2010 with the total number of population treated under MDA from 2.9 million to more than 500 millions. 17 countries out of the 53 countries have already completed five or more rounds with 100% of geographical coverage.

A disability management programme is also being implemented in 27 countries.

During the period of 2000 - 2010 about 3.4 billion treatments were delivered to more than 900 million of individuals in 53 countries.

Interventions against Lymphatic filariasis have protected neglected populations from infection, prevented disability and its related costs and promoted economic productivity.