Leprosy elimination

The "Final Push" strategy for elimination

The main thrust of the leprosy elimination strategy is to:

  • expand Multi Drug Therapy (MDT) services to all health facilities
  • ensure that all existing and new cases are given appropriate MDT regimens
  • encourage all patients take treatment regularly and completely
  • promote awareness in the community on leprosy so that individuals with suspicious lesions will report voluntarily for diagnosis and treatment
  • set targets and time table for activities and make all efforts to achieve them
  • keep good records of all activities in order to monitor the progress towards elimination.

The global strategy builds on the geographic stratification of the problem, based on epidemiological and operational factors. High priority countries or areas are then identified and targeted.

Intensive and flexible deployment of MDT services to every village is being actively promoted by intensive leprosy elimination campaigns. Targets are being closely monitored by WHO and by individual countries, as they progress along the road to elimination.

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