Leprosy elimination

WHO HQ, global and regional contacts for leprosy

WHO Global Leprosy Programme - GLP (based in New Delhi, India)

The Global Leprosy Programme is responsible for strategy, policy and monitoring related to leprosy. The unit is headed by Dr Erwin Cooreman at cooremane@who.int

General correspondence and enquiries can also be addressed to glp@who.int

WHO HQ (Geneva, Switzerland)

The Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases at WHO HQ manages the global procurement and supply of the multidrug therapy (MDT), the standard treatment for leprosy. MDT drugs are supplied by WHO free of charge, against an official request from Ministries of Health sent to the Procurement Officer (MDT supply), Mr Dimitry Esin at esind@who.int with a copy to the Project Manager, Dr Afework Tekle at teklea@who.int

WHO Regional office for Africa (AFRO)

The WHO focal point for leprosy for AFRO is Dr Alexander Tiendrebeogo tiendrebeogoa@who.int

WHO Regional office for the Americas (AMRO)

The WHO Regional Advisor for AMRO and PAHO is Dr Santiago Nicholls, nicholls@paho.org

WHO Regional office for the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO)

The WHO Regional Advisor for EMRO is Dr Albis Gabrielli at gabriellia@who.int

WHO Regional office for South East Asia (SEARO)

The WHO Regional Advisor for SEARO is Dr Jamsheed Ahmed at jamsheedm@who.int.

WHO Regional office for the Western Pacific (WPRO)

The WHO Regional Advisor for tuberculosis and leprosy in WPRO is Dr Nobuyuki Nishikiori at nishikiorin@who.int.