Kenya's experience on urban health issues

Final report on the Urban HEART pilot-testing project

Mr Ibrahim Basweti Nyasani

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Number of pages: 41
Publication date: 2009
Languages: English



The WHO’s Urban Health Equity Assessment and Response Tool (Urban HEART) was taken to the full municipal council meeting of Nakuru, Kenya, on Saturday, 3 March 2009, and was unanimously adopted for implementation. The task was to pilot-test Urban HEART to assess and analyze health equity in two wards of Nakuru, and to report the results. Recommendations for improving the tool and addressing healthy equity challenges were also generated. The health disparities have been indicated in the report showing weaknesses as well as opportunities and strengths that can be leveraged to improve the lives of Kenyans living in the two wards and possibly beyond. We believe the local authority has the potential for implementing the recommendations given herein.