Experience of Chandigarh as a smoke-free city

WHO smoke-free city case study

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Editors: WHO
Number of pages: 22
Publication date: 2011
Languages: English



Chandigarh became the first City in India to initiate and fully implement the Government of India’s smoke-free laws. On 15 July 2007, the Chandigarh Administration declared its smoke-free city status. The smoke-free policy followed in Chandigarh is extensive and, in addition, to making indoor places smoke-free, it prohibits smoking in outdoor spaces including parks, markets and other public places where people gather.

Chandigarh provides an example of how civil society can play an influential role in pushing for and supporting the authorities to implement smoke-free legislation. This case study examines Chandigarh’s smoke-free agenda and how it has been implemented. In particular, it places emphasis on the role played by civil society. It discusses the impact of the law and lessons learned.